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Our reach extends beyond Arizona, showcasing our presence in the real estate market. Leveraging our extensive network and partnerships, we offer unparalleled access to properties and investment opportunities. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, or invest internationally, our team's global perspective and local expertise ensure a seamless and successful experience, no matter where you are in the world.


We recognize the importance of responsible and ethical real estate practices. Our commitment goes beyond transactions; we are dedicated to fostering sustainable communities and supporting homeownership education.  Through our YouTube channel, community outreach events and collaborations with industry professionals, we empower individuals with knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about real estate investments.

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Redefine the real estate and mortgage experience by fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and integrity. 

Our Mission

Provide personalized and professional real estate and mortgage services that exceed client expectations. 

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  • National Bestselling author of “Cracking the Code to Success” with Brian Tracy
  • Recognized as the “Men of Chandler” in the Chandler Lifestyle magazine for making a difference in their community. 
  • Ranked Top 150 in the USA by Real Trends / Wall Street Journal
  • Recipient of the “AZ Real Estate Achievement Award 2013”
  • Recognized as “Top 100 Most Influential Agents in Arizona”
  • Featured on TV showcasing homes on “Listings of the Desert South West“
  • Radio appearances on KFNX 1100; KQCK; KKNT 990 discussing staging and selling
  • Semifinalist of the “Great American Speak Off” (American Idol for Speakers)
  • Best speaker award 2023 – Toastmasters International

More About Us

While working with us, you will discover our unique approach to saving you thousands while helping you build wealth.

Led by our   founder, Kiran Vedantam who is a  well-respected veteran entrepreneur with industry-leading expertise in mortgage, insurance, and real estate strategies. He started  Kirans and Associates Realty in 2010 (still actively practicing in AZ), and quickly expanded into residential mortgages (licensed in multiple states), COMMERCIAL mortgages across the United States, and insurance industries.  We pride in helping strategize together and unlock opportunities for success.

We created the new and exciting WHYseekers brand showcasing some strategies on our YouTube channel 

Kiran’s team does business with multiple nationally recognized brands and has worked with Corporate Relocation companies SIRVA, mortgage giants Quicken (Rocket Mortgage), Loan Factory, United Wholesale Mortgage, and other big names in the industry. Kiran has successfully led his companies to be a market leader.  He has embraced cutting-edge technology and implemented a streamlined, secure real estate transaction process flow. 

During the Great Recession of 2008, Kiran wrote his first book “Loan Modification Exposed – How to Negotiate with Lenders and Win.” It helped many families get out of bad mortgage debt and re-negotiate rates and terms on their mortgages.   Kiran’s second book “Cracking the Code to Success” with Brian Tracy became a National Bestseller and won him the Quilly Award from the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors.  

Kiran Vedantam has earned a Master of Science degree from Arizona State University. He has worked as a Software Engineer at Intel Corporation for 8 years, helping with automation, before resigning to enter the real estate industry. Kiran has done hundreds of community outreach events related to homeownership, mortgage, real estate, and entrepreneurship. He works with well-respected attorneys, CPAs, and real estate professionals, creating the best strategies to serve the customer’s goals. He has won the AZ Real Estate Achievement Award and has been ranked in the Wall Street Journal. Kiran Vedantam has also been featured in the June 2021 issue of Chandler Lifestyle magazine, showcasing the “Men of Chandler” who are making a difference in their community. He has been chosen to compete in the semifinals of the “Great American Speak Off” (American Idol for Speakers).  Kiran also won the Toastmasters Award as the best speaker in the state of Arizona.  Despite multiple recognitions, he considers 5-star reviews from his customers as a real reflection of his commitment.

Kiran passionately shares his knowledge, experience, and Entrepreneurship, Insurance, Real Estate, and Mortgage expertise in the community through multiple means.  This includes radio shows and podcasts – California (KLOK 1170), and Arizona (KQCK, KAZG 1440, KFNX 1100), TV, print media – East Valley Tribune, AZ Central, and business journals that have been well received. Kiran is a member of Toastmasters International, a nonprofit organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills. 

Kiran offers popular online courses on real estate, mortgage, and entrepreneurship.  He interacts with his clients and followers on his YouTube channel – https://youtube.com/KiranVedantam.   #GoogleKiranVedantam

Kiran grew up in India and can speak multiple Indian languages. He has been enduring the AZ heat since ’99. He enjoys world travel and spending time with his wife (also named Kiran), son, and daughter.