Kiran knows the Phoenix market very well.

I am excited to jot down my review about Kiran and Kiran Real Estate Company. Myself and Kiran go back 25 years, I have seen him from close quarters. All these years, I have seen an individual that is very transparent and open to the core. He has a great sense of humor at the same time sense of purpose with what he does.

Relating the above qualities, to my interaction with Kiran who helped me buy 4 homes and rented properties over the years – I can say, beyond an iota of doubt he is the best!
These are the reasons I rate Kiran very high
1) Kiran knows the Phoenix market very well -> he has excellent communication and analytical abilities, his masters degree at ASU part of the training that honed his skills.
2) Kiran understands what the buyer is looking for. He helps translate the buyers requirement when it comes down to options, and decision time.
3) Kiran is extremely patient, passionate about what he does.

I can go on and on, but in short – Kiran is the guy one should go with, when it comes to Real estate dealings in Phoenix, it is a tough world out there. Home buying is not an area to experiment!!